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Homosexual Super Amphibians:
a government coverup

The real truth the government won't tell you

New world order

IN the aftermath of World War 2 the Globalist shadow masters, sometimes known as the Illuminati, had their largest ever secret meeting of delegates from governments all over the world. The war, which they planned, had successfully advanced their goals for the formation of the New World Order, as prophesied by the Dead Sea Scrolls. The formation of the United Nations in 1945 was a major milestone for merging all nation states of the world into a global mega-state that they could control. But they had underestimated the size and power of Nazi Germany, which almost caused the collapse of their organisation. To prevent a something similar happening in the future, they agreed to put their top scientists on the task of developing a powerful human pheromone that would stop any would-be attackers.

They succeeded in creating man kind's first non-lethal Gland Activated Yeast bomb, which was named after the reaction it has when exposed to humans. Also known as 'The big gay', the fumes sprayed from the bomb would immobilize any enemy combatants temporarily by turning them homosexual and also secreting a powerful aphrodisiac. This bomb has never been used against anyone since, as it was strictly to be used as a last resort. Until now...


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As with most stories circulating in the media over the last decade, this revelation over the governments' ongoing experimentation with the G.A.Y. bomb and it's effects on both humans, and the wildlife is being censored. Starting with the corporate owned televised news outlets and radio stations, stories such as this that deal with the governments - and the Illumanati - are being censored on the air, and their recordings are being pulled from the websites. Researches suggest that this is the reason so little information about this topic is available online.

This coverup has gone as far back as 2014 with news of "brainwashing" bursting into the media spotlight before quickly being called a 'hoax' and any mentions of it being shunned only days later. Now, in the face of the ever-evolving web of government secrets coming to light, even small podcasts and videos online are being hacked by the governments. Videos, such as Episode 38 of the "The People's Choice", addressing recent chemicals found in watersupplies is one such video showing proof of the censorship of this information.


Reports from residens nearby the Mississippi Wetlands, suggest that amphibians, most notably the Apline Tree Frogs, have began to emprace and act on urges that seemingly resemble those of the LGBTQ community of the area.

An attraction to bright lots and homoerotic tendencies have sparked debate in the area that these animals are at risk of becoming endangered as they continue to abandon their gender-normative roles. In an unexpected report, there was found to be a gathering of male frogs found inside a river-side nightclub. Eye-witnesses say that they saw these frogs "bobbing and croaking to the beat".


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